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It’s the subject of much hype, but what does Cloud Computing actually mean? And, more importantly, what opportunities and benefits does the model offer your business?

In pure business terms, the Cloud is a flexible, scalable, pay-per-use model for the way IT services are delivered and consumed through the Internet. Through this pay-as-you-go model, your organization will:

› Reallocate IT costs from capital expenditure to operating expenditure and achieve greater cost transparency

› Flex its IT capability to meet changing business demands

› And thus improve your agility and competitiveness

At JLD Asia, our experienced teams specialize in moving your existing systems to the Cloud in order to improve your bottom-line and your company’s business processes, simplify your information management and, vitally, reduce your costs.

To do this, we analyze your existing infrastructure and software and report exactly which systems are best suited for the Cloud. We also provide detailed reporting on the cost savings you will see across your company by implementing a Cloud strategy model.

Though versatile, the Cloud isn't one-size-fits-all, and our teams consult on:

By investigating the particular nature of your operations, we can explore hybrid Cloud adoption strategies and phased deployments that best meet your business needs.

Start with a selection of appropriate applications to uncover issues and process changes, and they will quickly demonstrate the business case for migration to the Cloud.

Our teams provide an experienced Cloud consulting service to plan, oversee, and implement your pilot or phased migration.

In many cases, companies find that the costs associated with this migration and the associated software subscriptions amount to far less than their current spend on their IT infrastructure; This allows them to free up resources and reallocate staff to other projects where their input can add additional value to core business processes.


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