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With 10 years of experience as one Asia's leading I.T. service providers, JLD Technology has the expertise to keep your business technology up and running. We know the challenges you face. With JLD Technology you get our commitment to excellence and our professional support specialists - saving you time and money.

With offices in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Operation Center’s in Bangkok and India our team is uniquely positioned to advise, plan and implement your business technology strategy. We provide multi-lingual, multi-office support to growing small and medium sized businesses across the region. We are your I.T. Department in Asia.


We advise and consult on the best business technology solutions for your company - solutions that give you a competitive edge. We incorporate your vision, needs, budget, and concerns into solutions that turn ineffective and costly processes into scalable and reliable technology solutions. In every engagement we take direct aim at strategic I.T. objectives that directly and positively impact the bottom line...reducing complexity and reducing I.T. support cost.

By outsourcing IT functions to JLD Technology, you get the timely business technology expertise you need - while staying focused on your core business.


In today's competitive environment, you cannot afford downtime due to I.T. failure.  Our network health assessments take the guesswork out of optimizing your existing investment in I.T. And give you a clear plan for future growth.

You receive a detailed report on the current status of your infrastructure and technology, along with our recommendations for scalability, productivity and efficiency improvements.


Do you have a large project and lack the internal resources? Let JLD Technology help you - our experts can handle the most complex projects.

We deliver efficient, robust and reliable I.T. projects on time and within budget.  We combine the basics of superior customer service with world-class technical expertise.


With 10 years of experience throughout Asia, JLD Technology has the expertise to assist you in office relocations, office expansions, or new office setups.

Your company's infrastructure is a crucial element to it's success - so whether it's a single office in Singapore or Hong Kong or multiple offices across the Asia-Pacific region we get you up and running  quickly.


Our Systems-24 Managed Services program includes 24/7 monitoring and mangement of critical business applications and infrastructure and includes remote management, help desk services and onsite support. With Systems-24 you enjoy a single point of contact, comprehensive support, reduced costs and increased productivity.

See http://systems-24.com


With Bizphone, JLD Consulting empowers companies to implement enterprise level PBX solutions without incurring the high costs of equipment or service-maintenance contracts.

See http://biz-phone.com

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