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“A stitch in time saves nine” is an English proverb which well illustrates the need for detailed planning in ensuring the success of any I.T. project. Poorly thought through implementations are likely to fail. A well-planned undertaking will avoid many costly and time consuming, unforeseen setbacks.

The planning process involves several, detailed stages. First the objectives must be identified and agreed upon, then consultations will be held with all the project’s stakeholders from planners to end users. With this information a full specification of the project can be drawn up and reviewed. Brainstorming this specification will identify further potential pitfalls in design, implementation and ongoing operations. Once the full specification is agreed, with conditions for appraisal and evaluation, a timetable can be drawn up and regularly assessed to ensure timely delivery. Finally a period of beta testing of the finished product will ensure that implementation is smooth and trouble free.

Good planning delivers the product the customer desires, on time and within budget.








Research Activities:

In order to choose the solution that best fits your business practice and ideology you must first be informed of the range of possibilities open to you. JLD Technology continuously researches the latest technology (including pricing frameworks) and searches for new applications of existing technology to ensure that our clients get to fulfil the maximum potential of their investment. Once our team has become familiar with your operation and your objectives, we use our extensive knowledge and experience to mine this research and identify the best-fit solutions to those objectives.

Software Package Assessment:

The wheel has only been invented once. Since then modifications have been made to provide the versatile tool that we know today.

I.T. solutions follow a similar pattern. Writing one’s own system is fraught with difficulties, from concept to maintenance. Most often there is more value for your investment in choosing an existing product and making any necessary adaptations to suit your particular needs. JLD Technology has the experience and expertise to guide and advise you through the myriad of available options, paying particular attention to your objectives and your budget.

Our detailed, methodical procedure for determining your desires allows us to suggest the correct solutions. We listen to you before asking you to listen to us.

Business and Systems Analysis:

Prior to undertaking any project the stakeholders must decide which available option best offers the optimum results for their organization. JLD Technology can design an effective, efficient, practical solution which your users can operate. All designated parties will be kept informed of our progress throughout, with understandable, informative technical briefings and concise, instructive documentation. This ensures that all stages of development can be discussed by either your strategic or technical team as the project progresses.

Architecture Design:

The importance of planning to a successful, timely, within budget, I.T. implementation can not be stressed highly enough. The architecture design must be agreed before development begins. This is the point of reference for all stakeholders in the development and should be the backbone of the project. The architecture is part of our continuous, evaluation process throughout the project’s cycle, we ensure that there is no deviation from the original, agreed upon specification.

For samples of our operational documentation, please refer to the samples section.

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