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Estimates show that companies worldwide waste an average of 84 working days each year on unnecessary activities, many of them tech and accounting related. Based on an analysis of business and/or production processes, JLD Asia’s business optimization services help you identify "efficiency killers" and optimize your corporate structure and project/employee workflows.

We start with a high-level assessment of your organization's mission, strategic goals and customer needs, asking basic questions, such as:

› Does your mission need to be redefined?
› Are your strategic goals properly aligned with your mission?
› Who are your customers?

The experts at JLD Asia aim to help you better understand functional aspects of business optimization and the relationship between user interaction, integration and process management through our in depth insight and practical applications of key enabling technologies.

Even if you are fortunate in having your own expertise, the very scale of a major business process reengineering (BPR) project and its implementation may be beyond the capabilities of your existing team during their busy work schedules. With JLD Asia, you can be sure that every item submitted for consideration will have been fully screened and proven to have a successful track record with other clients, so you know that your BPR project will be secure and successful.

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